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Being led by God, Pastor Harris wrote this wonderful piece for all to enjoy.

The ABCs Of God's Infallible Grace will certainly bless you and give you a greater appreciation for God's wonderful and unfailing grace.  PLEASE PICKUP AT AMAZON OR BARNES AND NOBLE,


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About The Book--The ABCs of God's Infallible Grace

This book was written in plain talk to demystify yet simplify the many facets of God's grace—a powerful gift God has given through His Son Jesus Christ. It is reader-friendly, easily understood and cited scriptures help the reader apply it in every aspect of life. God's grace abounds far greater than what most can comprehend or even have thought about. God’s grace doesn't just sit in the church pews or is something said before a meal; it is global, and all mankind lives within it each day. Grace is why we rise and move about on this earth. Grace has been extended to the believer and the nonbeliever and to the righteous and unrighteous. God is not willing that anyone would leave earth without him and he waits graciously for a family that he has prepared a home for. Here the writer concentrates on grace in a more refined and applicable manner. God's mercy is where he shows leniency on judgment we deserve. On the other hand, grace is the unmerited favor and blessings of God. Simply stated, mercy says I will withhold judgment that you do deserve and grace says I will give you favor—something you do not deserve. In The ABCs of God’s Infallible Grace, the writer offers her insights and experiences on God’s unfailing grace while providing a simple alpha-ordered reading from ambition to zealous.

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