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"When I first started attending J-JOY Christian Ministries, I was searching for peace within myself. Approximately a year ago, I could not walk nor could I speak above a whisper. Through prayer and anointing of my legs and chest, I immediately saw the results of God’s healing. The swelling in my legs had gone down and I regained my voice.I had gone to three of the major hospitals in the area, only for Doctors to have no answers as to why I was having these problems. I stand before you today and can testify that prayer by faith and anointing works-through our Father the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe a larger church would not have the time to take for that special care that was continuously provided to me. This small church allows for one on one ministering with me, talking with me, and listening to my problems without first having to make an appointment. This is just one of the prayers answered and the most recent one. I can say today that through Christ Jesus, I have found that peace I was searching for."

Barbara Eaton, J-JOY Member

"During my time at J-JOY, not only are we enriched with God's word and application, but Pastor Harris also teaches us life's application and how to get along in this world. She brings an in depth amount of knowledge from the business world, where she worked for over 40 years. God's wisdom has been placed in her pathway and she exhorts to us in an understandable fashion, using relevant and timely illustrations. God has blessed her with a gift of listening and then applying God's wisdom to each circumstance. I've learned so much about myself, what God has for me, and I continue to grow under this ministry. Praise Jesus!"

Nancy Barrios, Assembler

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