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We hope you can find everything you need for your spiritual growth here at J-JOY Christian Ministries, Inc. (JJCM). In 2015, we transitioned from our location in Rancho Cucamonga and became apart of Life Center Church in San Bernardino to continue to serve as a support and a blessing to the body of Christ. JJCM continues to host events and workshops, render support to the community and women organizations while preaching and teaching the word of God in various venues.



It is our hope and prayer we can reach many souls to uplift, encourage, empower and educate about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We definitely desire all to come and know Jesus Christ. No matter where you are in your walk with the Lord, or what you have done, or what problems you may be are not out of reach for Jesus to work a miracle in your life! There is always hope and the Lord allows for turnarounds, therefore we continue with the flagship workshop, NO SISTER LEFT BEHIND, we began several years ago.

Because we no loner operate our of a facility, does not mean we no longer a ministry for the Lord. 


We are excited about our next


No Sister Left Behind Workshop and


thankful for what God has done and continues to


do in this ministerial platform for women.

In this workshop, it is our goal for each one to reach one as we pledge to never accept defeat, never quit and to always put God first. It is for women of all ages, backgrounds, personality, style, color and vibrancy. It is meant for both the bold and unassuming, the strong and the gentle…above all else, we welcome the broken and those who feel dejected from the church. It is in an interactive setting with anointed presenters who will provide resources to educate, empower and encourage each attendee to become the vessel God has ordained for you to become. We allow the spirit of God to have free course in our midst for chains to be broken, souls restored, and new friendships created.

**See more info under Upcoming Events and check out our photos!

Be blessed in the Lord and remember we are better together than apart!


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Pastor Jennetta Harris


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Thank You For Visiting!



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